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The Best Time to Visit Mendocino

When is the best time to visit Mendocino? Any time of year! Here in Mendocino, even the locals never cease to be amazed by how spectacular the scenery is. We enjoy clean air, bright sunshine, and fresh ocean breezes. That said, the coastal fog that keeps our flowers colorful and lush is our frequent companion in early mornings. Temperatures can range by 30 or more degrees between the crisp mornings and midday. No matter the season it is always necessary to wear layers and to include a windbreaker in your packing, especially if you’re interested in exploring many outdoor attractions in Mendocino.

Mendocino, CA
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You’ll find that you will want to walk the town so do wear comfortable sturdy shoes. Our natural tendency is to dress casually and most Mendocino restaurants fall in that vein no matter how sophisticated the cuisine. Leave the dinner jacket and tie home! Below is a breakdown of seasons, but remember: 1) It is always gorgeous here – all the weather patterns are dramatically beautiful, 2) Wear layers, and 3) There’s always something to do, thanks to area events, indoor cultural attractions, and the beautiful natural scenery!


While much of the US is blanketed in snow, we relish this time for most days are crisp and clear and the views jaw dropping. We do have some days of rain and temperatures have steep ranges. Pack many layers including a warm raincoat as well as sunscreen if you’ll be spending time outdoors. We are always surprised more people don’t visit us in February through May as it’s our best and prettiest weather of the year. Temps range from low 40’s to mid to high 70’s.


Mornings are typically shared with a delicate mist which almost daily refreshes the lush flora and fauna. Then on most days the fog burns off to reveal a vibrant landscape. Late afternoons can be breezy and therefore cool. While tremendously captivating in its beauty, Mendocino is not Southern California, so you will find a sweater or jacket more desirable than a bikini. Did we mention to pack layers? Temperatures range from high 40’s to low 70’s.


Once again a truly special time with plenty of color for those fans of fall leaves. Anticipate warm afternoons and very cool mornings and evenings. October is particularly pretty with mostly clear days. Temperatures range from low 50’s to low 80’s with most days in the 60’s and 70’s midday.


Snow is extremely rare but dramatic winter storms are not. Not to be missed is a strong front on this coast. It is the stuff movies are made of and can be enjoyed first hand with the right clothes… heavy raincoat and head covering for watching crashing waves… or snuggled under your down comforter with someone special, a crackling fire and hot cocoa. When the storms clear, and they do, the weather couldn’t be more memorable with views and vistas for as far as the eye can see. Temperatures range from high 30’s to low 60’s.

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